Take a look at some of our completed fire safety jobs across London

Llyle House Care Home

London, SW15 5LH

Client – Horizon Building Contractors Ltd

  • Retro fit and new build
  • Category 3 system
  • 950 Heads
  • Mains supply with sprinkler pump

Legard Road
London, N5 1DE

Client – Hog Group Ltd

  • New build
  • Category 1 system
  • 30 Heads
  • Mains supply with sprinkler pump

Didsbury Centre

London, E6

Client – Bugler Group Ltd

  • New build development

  • 148 apartments

  • Category 2 system

  • Shared domestic tank and pump supply

Crofdown Road

London, NW5

Client – Bugler Group Ltd

  • Retro fit
  • Category 1 system
  • 29 heads
  • Mains supply with sprinkler pump

North Hill

London, N6

  • New build
  • Category 1 system
  • 24 Heads
  • Dedicated tank and pump

Hook Road

London, KT6 5BH

  • New build
  • Category 1 system
  • 55 heads
  • Mains supply with sprinkler pumps

Kenton Court

London – Lewisham

  • New Build development – 25 Apartments
  • Category 2 system
  • 310 Heads
  • Shared domestic tank and pump supply

Central Parade

London – Ealing

Client – Bugler Group Ltd

  • New Build development – 57 Apartments
  • Category 2 system
  • 371 Heads
  • Shared domestic tank and pump supply

Green Street

London, E9

  • New build – 9 Apartments
  • Category 1 system
  • Dedicated mains supply

Heath Road


  • New Build – 6 Apartments
  • Category 1 system
  • Shared mains supply with priority demand valves

Cambridge Gardens

London, SM6

  • New build – 2 apartments
  • Category 1 system
  • Mains supply with sprinkler pump

Glantham Road

London, SW13

  • Retro fit house
  • Category 1 system
  • 19 Heads
  • Dedicated sprinkler tank and pump

Kildare Gardens

London, W2

  • Complete house Refurbishment
  • Category 1 system
  • 9 heads

Edwards Square

London, Kensington

Client – Alexander Maltby Ltd

  • Whole house refurbishment
  • Part coverage – 18 Heads
  • Mains supply with sprinkler pump

Ladbroke Terrace

 Notting Hill, London

Client – W11 Construction Ltd

  • Complete refurbishment – Part coverage
  • Dedicated tank and pump

Summerhill Road

Client – CJM Building Specialists Ltd

  • X4 new build flats
  • 10 heads
  • Dedicated tank and pump

Southview Warren Park

Kingston Upon Thames

  • Renovation – Part coverage
  • Dedicated tank and pump

Sprinkler System FAQ’s

Do I need a sprinkler system?

Fire suppression requirements are increasing – especially with several high-profile fires in recent years. You’ll be able to find out the necessary coverage required from your Building Control officer, but a few common examples are below:

  • House with a proposed open plan layout on one or more floors
  • Installing a loft conversion or basement
  • All new buildings over 30m
How many sprinkler heads will I need?

Each project is assessed individually and can vary due to many factors. If you drop us a message via our contact page, we can quickly assess your requirements and provide the advice you’re after

Do you offer maintenance for sprinkler systems?

Yes, we currently only offer maintenance to Sprinkler systems which London Fire Sprinklers have previously fitted. When your system has been commissioned, we will contact you offering our annual service contract

How much sprinkler coverage do I need?

The ultimate answer to whether you need full or partial coverage will be dictated by your local building control officer. However, unless they approve partial coverage the British standard requires coverage throughout the property excluding bathrooms and storage areas under a certain size.

Will I need a tank and pump for my sprinkler system?

This depends on the pressure and flow of your water system but 98% of the time you will need a pump for your Sprinkler system.
Water Tanks are only necessary for properties where the pressure and flow of the water main is not adequate to reach the required pressure and this then has to be increased using a tank and pump. Our fully trained and experienced designers can advise the most suitable locations for these.

If necessary, we can attend the site and assess your pressure and flow rates. Please contact us to book a site visit.

What stage of a build will the sprinkler system be fitted?

The first fix stage is ideally started when ceilings are up but not boarded over so there is access to the ceiling space for our pipework.
The 2nd fix stage takes place after ceilings are closed and finished, we will then attend site to fix in sprinkler/mist heads/ pumps/ tanks etc.


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