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The chances are that you have many questions that you need answers to before you consider your options of having a fire sprinkler system installed in your home or commercial property. We’ve detailed answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, please click through to the category most relevant to you.


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What activates the sprinklers to turn on?

This is the most common question we are asked. Fire sprinklers are activated by an element which is sensitive to heat. We pre-determine the temperature (usually circa 70 degrees centigrade) and if this temperature is met or exceeded, the sprinklers are activated and disperse water forcefully over the affected area.

Isn't it a lot easier to get smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms are a necessity for every building. If you’re asleep, they are likely to wake you in the event of a fire, so you can escape from any danger. If however you find yourself caught in a fire that has already covered your escape routes, you can find yourself in extreme danger very quickly. Unlike smoke alarms which simply alert you to the scent of smoke, fire sprinklers  ensure that fires are safely extinguished and all inhabitants of the property are safe from harm and therefore able to escape.

How long will it take to get a quote?

We aim try to get quotations back to you within a week although sometimes this can be a little longer. If you have urgent requirements, please let us know so we can look at prioritising.

How long does the installation process take?

This depends on the project. For Single Houses/ Apartments the 1st fix stage usually takes 1-2 days, with a similar length 2nd fix, however this depends on the number of heads and whether the project is a new build or retrofit

My Sprinkler is going off – What shall I do?

In the unlikely event the alarm is going off there may be an error on the system. Please call us on 0208 914 7983 and we can either talk you through correcting the system error or make an emergency check

How can I test my system is working once it's installed?

Unlike a traditional smoke detector, you can’t test a fire sprinkler system for obvious reasons. The systems are checked thoroughly at the point of installation, and we have a ‘test point’ within the systems we install which enables you to see if all elements are operating as they should, much like you can do with a smoke alarm.

Do sprinkler systems cause water damage?

Water damage caused by sprinkler systems is nowhere close to the damage that can be caused by fire. Not to mention, if the emergency fire services have to put out a fire, they use considerably more water than our fire sprinkler system.

Where do London Fire Sprinklers operate?

We operate across London and the surrounding counties. If in doubt get in contact and we will try our utmost to facilitate your project.

How long does it take from quote confirmation to engineer on site?

Once a quote is approved by you, the client, and the deposit is paid, we will order the kit needed for your project. The soonest we can begin work is one week later, however, if you have urgent requirements please let us know

How long is the Sprinkler warranty?

The warranty for our Sprinkler system is 12 months